Reclaim Your Water!

The muck has been building up for years and it will keep getting worse.  With Bio-Health Pod Systems you not only stop the nutrients from building up even more, but actually take it away. 

Bio-Health Pod Systems solve the real problem most ponds are afflicted by, nutrients. Heavy nutrient loads in the form of muck on the bottom and suspended nutrients in the water column cause ponds to look and smell bad. It’s not healthy and no amount of aeration, fountains, or chemicals will solve the problem. Bio-Health Pod Systems address this problem directly by aggressively reducing the bottom muck and suspended nutrients resulting in beautiful ponds and healthy aquatic systems.

Homeowner Association Ponds

HOA ponds add beauty and value to neighborhoods, but over time these water features become overrun with weeds, algae and muck. Chemical treatments become less and less effective and the cost of dredging is extremely high.  Bio-Health Pod Systems restore ponds naturally and can help avoid a very expensive dredging project.

Private Ponds

Private ponds are beautiful but take a lot of work to care for. Even with a lot of time and effort, bottom muck inevitably piles up on the bottom leading to heavy weed and algae growth. As ponds deteriorate in health they become unsightly and can smell even worse. Bio-Health Pod Systems restore your pond so it can once again become the center piece of your property.

Commercial Properties and Ponds

Commercial ponds have many functions and present real challenges for property owners and managers. Chemical treatments have become ineffective, while aeration and fountains help a little but are far from a solution. Dredging is cost prohibitive and very difficult to permit.

Bio-Health Pod Systems do the work, delivering 24/7 treatment, solving the core problem of bottom muck and suspended nutrients. Restore and maintain your ponds while saving both time and money. This is the real solution you have been looking for.


Golf Ponds receive far more nutrients than your average pond and this can present real problems for golf course superintendents, especially with irrigation ponds.  Bio-Health Pond Systems reduce muck and suspended nutrients in the water column.  In this way algae and excessive weed growth is greatly reduced and water quality is improved.