Every Bio-Health Pod and Nano Pod provide a home for billions of beneficial bacteria to live.



Bio-GenAeration combines Aeration + Bio-Generation resulting in exponential beneficial bacteria production.  Installed systems are beneficial bacteria grow factories right in the water.



Designed systems insure powerful benefical bacteria distribution throughout the defined area of treatment.

Why Bio-Health Pod Systems Work

We have the real solution to Muck, Weeds, & Algae because we directly address the core problem facing most lakes and ponds. The problem is high nutrient loads. Our patent pending Bio-Health Pod System with Bio-GenAeration technology combines both aeration and bio-generation to continuously deliver natural, powerful, and highly effective treatment. Installed systems host, grow, and distribute billions of beneficial bacteria right in the water. These naturally occurring microbes aggressively consume and digest both the muck on the bottom and the suspended nutrients in the water column that lead to algae blooms and invasive weeds, allowing healthy aquatic life to thrive. It’s time to restore and enjoy your lake or pond.

Why Traditional Methods Don’t Solve The Problems

Chemical Treatments kill invasive algae and weeds, but the dead plants sink to the bottom adding even more muck. As the muck gets deeper the weeds come faster. Herbicide and Algaecide applications are increased but often prove to be less effective over time. Unfortunately chemicals do more than kill weeds, and are detrimental to the healthy aquatic life.

Weed Harvesting/Removal is labor intensive, costly, and provides only temporary relief until the weeds return.

Dredging removes some of the muck, but is disruptive, time consuming, very difficult to permit, and extremely costly. In a few years the muck builds up again and needs attention.

Aeration creates movement and oxygenates water, and while helpful in improving water quality, it does not result in the nutrient reduction needed to restore a lake or pond.

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“In 3 months time we’ve knocked out 5 to 6 inches [of muck].”

Chuck Perricone - Bio-Health Pods System Customer