Why Bio-Health Pod Systems?

Typical solutions only address the symptoms allowing the core problem to only get worse overtime. Bio-Health Pod Systems deliver powerful, natural, and restorative treatment that is healthy for you and your water, so you can once again enjoy the beauty of your lake or pond.

The Key to Solving Muck, Algae &

Weeds is Reducing the Nutrients!

Bio-Health Pod Systems work quietly and powerfully in the water hosting, growing, and distributing billions of beneficial bacteria microbes. These naturally occurring bacteria consume and digest muck on the water’s bottom along with excessive nutrients in the water column that cause weeds and algae to thrive. Once restored systems remain in place maintaining beautiful healthy water.

Restore and enjoy your lakefront with our patented technology!

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specific water treatment needs:


If you have lakefront property or own a private lake, you want to enjoy its beauty and know you’re swimming in healthy clean water. Reclaim your water with Bio-Health Pod Systems.



So often ponds become overrun with weeds, algae, and muck. They look bad and can even smell worse. Bio-Health Pod Systems solve these problems in a natural and environmentally beneficial way.



Heavy nutrient loads make golf ponds a difficult challenge.  Bio-Health Pod Systems aggresively & naturally reduce nutrients 24/7, restoring your pond allowing you to focus on the turf.


Become A Water Revere With Bio-Health Pod Systems

Bio-Health Pod Systems bring together bio-generation and aeration in a new and powerful way. Installed systems greatly reduce bottom muck along with the suspended nutrients in the water that cause invasive weeds and algae to take over. In this way Bio-Health Pod Systems restore healthy aquatic systems so you can enjoy the beauty of your lake or pond. 


Only our patented Bio-Health Pod System creates a beneficial bacteria grow factory in the water that delivers exponentially more powerful treatment 24/7. Restore your lake or pond and enjoy your water! 

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